Key B2B Web Design Trends for 2019 Announced by Bop Design

Story image for Key B2B Web Design Trends for 2019 Announced by Bop Design from TechnotificationSAN DIEGO,  /PRNewswire/ — B2B marketing and web design agency, Bop Design, released their take on the design trends that will be impacting B2B firms in 2019. According to a recent post on the agency’s website, Kara Jensen, Creative Director and Co-Founder, believes 5 trends to be “particularly sticky and ones that will work well for a B2B aesthetic.”

In the post, Key B2B Website Design Trends for 2019, Jensen discusses 5 design trends she believes will be prevalent in web design in the upcoming year, along with cited examples illustrating each trends or design aesthetic.

“Great web design relies on a foundation of best practices. While these foundational best practices tend to remain the same over time, there are specific design aesthetics that will come and go each year,” said Jensen. “This year, I see the use of motion in web design used in new and interesting ways and a hyper focus on minimalism.”

While Jensen admits that video backgrounds have been trendy in web design for the past few years, she does note that web designers are not only using more motion in web design but are using it in more interesting and diverse ways. In her blog post, she cites animation, video and dynamic scrolling as new implementations of motion and showcases examples of both subtle and obvious motion on B2B websites.

When discussing the continued focus on minimalism, Jensen makes a reference to the popular organization expert and “KonMari method” founder, Marie Kondo, stating that brands should only keep content and design that “sparks joy” on the website. Jensen goes on to explain how this translates to B2B web design by saying, “Dialing your content and brand messaging down to easy-to-swallow messages are the keys to keeping your user engaged. Likewise, the design should be clean, airy, and only include elements that are absolutely necessary.”

In addition to minimalism and motion, Jensen cites natural, organic shapes, broken grids, and dynamic scrolling/micro-interactions as new web design trends for this year. Read the blog post for more information on each trend and examples illustrating the trends.

About Kara Jensen and Bop Design: Kara Jensen is the Creative Principle and Co-Founder of Bop Design, a B2B marketing and web design agency. She oversees all design and art direction of client marketing initiatives at the agency. Bop Design is a boutique agency working exclusively with B2B firms on web design, marketing, and content marketing projects.