Here is Your Crash Course on 13 Cards Rummy Game

Most people in India enjoy rummy games and its different variations online and offline. The most commonly played variation of 13 cards is described here in great detail for the readers to know and understand.

How to Play Rummy?

A rummy player first needs to understand how to play rummy card game. Once he gets a grasp on the rules of the game, he can go ahead and learn the tricks and tactics that make the game more interesting. Here we have listed out the main rules that govern the most common variation of the game:

  • Each player is distributed 13 cards each
  • The first card on the deck is left open as open card to play the role of the disposed pile for the first player
  • One card is randomly pulled out by the player preceding the dealer to play the role of a pulled-out joker
  • Each player needs to make life which constitutes of one pure sequence and one real sequence
  • The set may include cards of the same value but should be of different signs
  • A sequence is made from cards in ascending or descending order of their value but of the same sign
  • A joker card in rummy maybe used for completing a set or aa real sequence
  • A pure or natural sequence does not use any jokers and that is why is termed as pure

Quick Tips for Rummy Games

Here are some quick tips to help players of 13 cards rummy game:

  • The first thing you should do as soon as the playing cards are distributed is to arrange the cards in a proper order or sequence with arranged sets and sequences at the centre, jokers to one end and waste cards to the other end
  • Never pick cards from disposed pile till you have formed your pure sequence
  • Observe the cards disposed by the opponent keenly to get an idea about the cards in his hand
  • Keep multiple pairs of cards ready for forming sequences
  • Do not form sets before you form pure sequence
  • Once your life is formed, your goal should be to reduce the points in your hand by replacing high point cards with low point cards
  • If you feel the chances of winning the game at the start are few, pass by paying the minimal penalty
  • Even half way through the game if there are no chances of winning, pass with double the initial penalty rather than losing the game

How to Play Rummy Online?

Most players of rummy games don’t find enough opportunities offline to play with friends and family. That is why they seek such opportunities online where they can play and enjoy their favourite game. It is easy to play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy. You just need to create a player account and you can then play rummy on the internet. You have a choice to play rummy with or without cash. You may use practice chips to play rummy without cash.

Here are some of the common rummy variations you may try out at Khelplay Rummy:

  • Points Rummy- A single round game of rummy where the winner is decided at the end of the round
  • Deals Rummy- The number of deals that will be played is decided beforehand and the winner is decided at the end of decided number of deals
  • Pool Rummy- A fixed number of points is decided as cut-off and winner is the player with least number of points

You can try out the different variations of rummy online with Khelplay and even win cash prizes in seasonal tournaments.